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YX-150, adapting MIG (FCAW/GMAW) welding process, is suitable to weld pipelines of kinds of steels. It’s applicable pipe thickness is 5-50mm(above Φ114mm), suitable to work on site. With the advantages of stable function, low cost and convenient handling, it is widely used in home and abroad.

Product Detail


The YX-150 series all position automatic pipeline welding machine is suitable for pipelines above DN114mm and wall thickness greater than 5mm. The pipeline is fixed and the welding head crawls autonomously to realize automatic all-position welding (5G welding).

The welding process adopts high-efficiency, low-cost CO2 gas shielded welding, and the welding wire can be solid-cored or flux-cored. The welding head is magnetically attracted to the pipeline, and the welding parameters are fine-tuned through the handheld remote control to control the welding head to automatically weld on the pipeline.

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◆ Applicable pipelines: Various kinds of long transportation pipeline, heat distribution pipeline, underground pipeline, process pipeline and so on, suitable for welding on site.

◆ Welding material: Carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, low temperature steel.

◆ Applicable weld: Pipe diameter over 150mm, wall thickness over 8mm, Thick wall pipes can be welded in fitting and caps.

◆ Welding head: Easy to carry and transport, permanent magnet absorption and applicable for automatically welding on site.

◆ Remote-controlled: Set and control welding parameters on remote, easy to learn and operate with low labor intensity.

◆ High efficiency: Efficient welding and lower time 3-4 times than manual arc welding.

◆ High quality: The weld has great appearance, no porosity, slag inclusion, lack of fusion and other phenomena. The welding quality is good, and the qualified rate of ultrasonic flaw detection is over 97%. Meet the requirements of pressure test or impact, tensile, bending and other mechanical properties inspection.



Welding head

*Gas Protection: 100% CO2/ 80%Ar+20%CO2

*Magnetic Absorbed

*weight: 11kg


KEMPPI 500A Power Supply

*KEMPPI X3 Power Supply

*Three Phrase 380V±15%

150 (2)

Wire Feeder

*Applicable Wire: Solid Wire/Flux-cored Wire

*Flux-cored Wire Dia: 1.0mm/1.2mm

150 (1)

Wireless Control

*Easy to Operate

*Comprehensive control

Technical Parameters:

Model YX-150
Working Voltage Rated Voltage DC12-35V Normal: DC24  Rated Power:<100W
Current Range 80A-500A
Voltage Range 16V-35V
Welding gun Swing Speed 0-100 Continuing Adjust
Welding gun Swing Width 2mm-30mmContinuing Adjust
Left Timing 0-2sContinuing Adjust
Right Timing 0-2sContinuing Adjust
Welding Speed 0-99(0-750)mm/min
Applicable Pipe Diameter More than DN150mm
Applicable Wall Thickness 8mm-50mm
Applicable Material Carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, low temperature steel, etc.(stainless steel customizable track)
Applicable welding line All kinds of pipe segment welds, such as pipe-pipe welds, pipe-elbow welds, pipe-flange welds, (if necessary, adopt dummy pipe transition connection)
welding wire(φmm) 1.0-1.2mm
Size(L*W*H) Welding head230x140x120mm
Weight(KG) Welding head 11kg


Manual welding Automatic Welding
Disadvantage Advantage
High skill required Magnetic automatic technology, simple and portable use, without track
Long training cycle  Higher efficiency: 3-4 times faster than manual welding
Higher cost of labor Save welding material: wire, gas, and so on.
Poor welding quality Reduce welding labor force and labor cost, continuous welding saves time
Bad welding appearance Raise productivity and reduce welding cost, reliable quality and good shape forms
High time costs and harder work Low skill required and one button start
  Less parts, easy to move

On Site Work


Training for better results

We can train your operator to handle the welding machine( operators with basic welding experience are available). Once everything is well done, you are ready for start your welding.


We take the continuity of your company seriously. Therefore we offer several maintenance solutions. First of all, your employees are trained to do the regular maintenance themselves. If there are any problems, we can offer the next options.

1. Thanks to the online environment, we can give solutions online to solve problems from a distance. We can offer telephonic support to assist your operators.

2. If there are any troubles, we can handle asap. If there are something that we cannot handle online, we can also offer on site training.

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